A Hands-On Kombucha Workshop

Curious to learn more about this probiotic rick and delicious beverage and the benefits to gut health?

Plum Cake Dessert

Seasonal Plum Cake

Many Eastern European cultures celebrate plums, a seasonal comfort fruit which is a perfect combination of both tart and sweet. With plums in season right now childhood memories of plum cakes danced through my head. Every year I attempt to recreate the simple crusty dough my mother used to make for plum cakes and this […]

Next Stop: Sardinia | A Search for Secrets of this Longevity Blue Zone

I started reading The Sea and Sardinia  by D. H Lawrence about 3 years ago and kept putting it down.  It was a travel memoir written in 1921 and described the island’s landscapes and local people along his way thru Cagliari and Nuoro among other villages of that time period.  I also read Cosima  and […]

Costa Rican Adventure | A Search for the Long and Healthy Lifestyle

 I read about The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner way back in 2007 and it has always been  a dream of mine to research these clustered areas of longevity.  Besides Sardinia,  Japan, Greece and California, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica was the fifth Blue Zone where people live healthy lives to over 100 years of […]

Beet Bone Broth

A combination of hardy beet roots blended with Paleo healthy bone broth.

Ethnonutrition | Should we eat the diet of our ancestors?

Continental Europe’s cuisine is known for its diversity of ingredients, sauces and seasonings that distinguish each country’s particular food preparations. In general, note that protein (beef, poultry and fish) dominates the gastronomical view, accompanied always by a variety of vegetables and potatoes prepared in many ingenious ways. In Great Britain, even though each region has […]

Grand Opening of the The Healthy Hive FARMACY store!

“Let Food be Your Medicine and your Medicine Be your Food”  is what Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, preached in 431 B.C.  It has been a catagory on my website for years and ahead of its time for I  just recently discovered a new application for this philosophy of life.  The concept of “FARMACY” has […]

Natural Calcium for Osteopenia

Osteopenia is a new buzz word when talking about bone density diagnostic testing. It is the term used to describe the density of bone that is lesser than normal. I consider it a borderline diagnostic term when compared to osteoporosis, which is demineralization or bone loss. After searching possible causes of Osteopenia, the most common reasons […]

An Introduction to Ethnonutrition

As a practicing alternative health care practitioner in New York City, I have the affinity to search obscure or forgotten topics that may ultimately benefit the patient. As diseases and disorders of the human organism become endemic and epidemic in the United States, I easily access internet search engines to see what is available for […]