Alternatives to Chemical Medicine

Herbs for Health – including natural herbs that act as stimulants, calming herbs, anti-anxiety herbs, and anti-hypertensive herbs, just to name a few.


The honeybee provides the human race a multitude of products of the Hive including honey, pollen, beeswax, royal jelly, bee venom and PROPOLIS, the defender of the hive. It is important that the source of honeybee products come from A HEALTHY Hive. From both the beekeeper and scientist in me perspective, the effects of propolis, […]

Sunscreen blog post

Dr. Kotlar’s Take on Sunscreens

My recent girlfriend getaway was to a very beautiful Punta Cana resort where I became baffled by the variety of sunscreens (as high as SPF 85+ and even SPF 100 !!!) the gift shop displayed as well as what the group pooled for community use. Ultraviolet Radiation Protection So I asked the question: Should sunscreens […]

Next Stop: Sardinia | A Search for Secrets of this Longevity Blue Zone

I started reading The Sea and Sardinia  by D. H Lawrence about 3 years ago and kept putting it down.  It was a travel memoir written in 1921 and described the island’s landscapes and local people along his way thru Cagliari and Nuoro among other villages of that time period.  I also read Cosima  and […]

Grand Opening of the The Healthy Hive FARMACY store!

“Let Food be Your Medicine and your Medicine Be your Food”  is what Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, preached in 431 B.C.  It has been a catagory on my website for years and ahead of its time for I  just recently discovered a new application for this philosophy of life.  The concept of “FARMACY” has […]

Natural Calcium for Osteopenia

Osteopenia is a new buzz word when talking about bone density diagnostic testing. It is the term used to describe the density of bone that is lesser than normal. I consider it a borderline diagnostic term when compared to osteoporosis, which is demineralization or bone loss. After searching possible causes of Osteopenia, the most common reasons […]