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The Day the Bees Stopped Dancing

By Petrusia Kotlar Paslawsky We all know that Karl von Frisch was the Nobel laureate who discovered that honeybee scouts dance their enthusiastic dance to communicate a source of bee forage- nectar specifically.  It is a unique and very specific means of communication of translating the language of light into a form interpreted and understood […]

Narrowsburg Honeybee Festival 2018

Narrowsburg Honey Bee Fest 2018

Narrowsburg Honey Bee Fest 2018 was in its 4th year and to me appeared to be one of the best community celebrations of Honeybees in the northeast US.  Attendees were all buzzing around in their favorite bee garb, golden antennae, with bee dogs, even a marching bee band!  Bee art, beeswax soaps, honey beers, honey […]