Petrusia G. Kotlar, DC

Over the years while raising my four children, my professional organizations/community services and affiliations have progressed into areas that primarily involved teaching and naturally progresses into involvement with sustainable practices.

These endeavors have all been braided together over the years and evolved into a lifetime pursuit for betterment of all our lives.

Curriculum Vitae

Occupational Experience

  • (2016 to present) The Joint Chiropractic – West Caldwell, NJ   
    • part of a wellness team whose mission is to improve quality of life by providing routine and affordable chiropractic care.
  • (1995 to present) Manhattan Office – New York City, New York
    • Sole proprietor and director of full chiropractic care facility
    • Provides conservative spinal adjustments, physical therapy modalities, nutritional and herbal advice and therapeutic corrective exercises. This clinic specializes in flexion/distraction technique for acute low back conditions.
  • (1988 to 2000) Valley Road Chiropractic Center – Clifton, New Jersey
    • Formerly Lexington Chiropractic Center, Clifton, New Jersey
    • Provided full x-ray services and interpretation of spinal studies in addition to full Chiropractic services.
  • (1984 to 1988) Lexington Chiropractic Center – Clifton, New Jersey
    • Clifton Chiropractic Center – Clifton New Jersey
    • Butler Chiropractic – Butler, New Jersey
    • Spinal Biomechanics Clinic – New York, New York
    • Mid Manhattan Chiropractic Center- New York, NY

Professional License

  • Licensed as Doctor of Chiropractic in states of: New York and New Jersey.


  • (2016) Functional Movement Techniques Certification- Kinesiotaping, Carle Place, New York
  • (1996) National College of Chiropractic Chicago Illinois
    • COX Flexion/ Distraction certification Program for Discogenic Conditions
  • (1985) New York Chiropractic College Old Brookville, New York Postgraduate American Chiropractic Association Council on Physical Fitness and Sports injury Program. Cert/Ied Sports Team Physician
  • (1984) New York Chiropractic College Old Brookville, New York Degree: Doctor of Chiropractic
    • Awards:
      • Distinguished Service Award 1983
      • Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities 1982-83
      • Outstanding Young Women in America 1982
  • (1979) Rutgers University Newark College of Arts and Sciences
    • Degree: Bachelor ofArts
    • Awards: New Jersey State Scholarship

Continuing Education & Seminars

  • 2011
    • Neurological Dysregulation:  How the Subluxation Affects the Brain. A CE seminar covering Brainwaves and States of Consciousness, EEG, Neurofeedback, Abnormal Brainwave Patterns related to ADD/ADHD, Autism, Migraine, Chronic Pain Syndromes, Insomnia, Memory Loss, Post Traumatic Stress.
    • “Diverse Landscapes of Ukraine: Celebrating 20 Years of Ukrainian Independence” – symposium at Penn State University, College of Agricultural Sciences, University Park, PA
    • 10th International Herb Symposium Wheaton College, Massachusetts  “Celebrating the Healing Power of Plants”
  • 2009
    • “Dynamic Analysis Treatment and Rehabilitation of Movement Dysfunctions,” a CE seminar introducing Braincore/Neurocore Therapy, by University of Bridgeport
    • New York Chiropractic College Levittown
  • 2006
    • Fundamentals of Herbal Therapy and Their Application in Clinical Practice
    • Cardiovascular Disorders April
    • Endocrine Disorders May
    • Ethics, Documentation, Record Keeping and Patient Communication May
    • The Science and Art of Herbology Sage Mountain Herbal Center Completed Intensive Apprenticeship vith Rosemary Gladstar in the didactic, Therapeutic and field work of Herbalism
  • 2005
    • New York Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls, New York
    • Botanical Therapies in Chiropractic Practice Home Study
    • 7th International Herb Symposium Wheaton College, Massachusetts

Professional Organization and Extracurricular Membership

  • Arbor Day Foundation: Member for 21 years, 1990 to present
  • American Apitherapy Society: 2010 to present
  • Essex County Beekeepers Association: 2007 to present
  • Raritan Valley Beekeepers Association: 2010 to present
  • NJ Beekeepers Association: 2007 to present
  • United Plant Savers: 1996 to present

Further Accomplishments and Professional Milestones

In addition to my curriculum vitae these were some of the pro bono positions with accomplishments involving Child Development, Ecology, Farming, Medicinal Herbs and Sustainability.

Lectures and Speaking Engagements

  • Nutrition and Wellness as a means to Heathy Longevity”is a pp presentation which covers Nutrition Trends for 2015 -16 year including  Mediteranean Diet -Souping is the New Juicing -Bone Broth -Fermented Foods .  Other topics:  Ethnonutrition , Longevity, Blue Zones, Seasonal Eating ,Metabolic Syndrome , and Solutions such as Alternatives to Chemical Medicine.
  • “The Kinesio Taping Method for Myofascial Pain Control”
    a power point presentation geared for the high school or year round club team volleyball players or other athletes. This presentation explains the how and why of the benefits of the globally recognized tool of kinesiotaping in sports medicine. The Kinesio Taping Method is a definitive rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion as well as providing extended soft tissue manipulation to prolong the benefits of manual therapy administered within the clinical setting.
  • The Gifts of the Hive- Apitherapy” a presentation on HONEY BEE THERAPY OR APITHERAPY  which is the medical use for the products of the Hive . This can include the use of honey, propolis, pollen,  royal jelly, beeswax, bee bread, bee venom, honey bees and drones. It is the Art and Science of Treatment and Holistic Healing through the honeybee and her products for the benefit of human and animal health.
  • BEE DANCE- Steps to a New Future in Beekeeping” is a short documentary comparing methods of Beekeeping in the US and Ukraine in search  of solution to the problems of the declining honeybee population.
  • Queen  of the Sun.  What are the Bees Telling Us?”. A Documentary depicting  an alternative look at the bee crisis.  Available for group/club presentations (2010)
  • Ramsey Adult School – taught evening courses:  “Herbs for Health”,  “ Herbal Health for Women” (2002)
  • Speaker at UMANA (Ukrainian Medical Association of North America) Conference (2007)  “Non Traditional Medical Treatments.”  Kerhonkson, NY

Sustainable Programs and Practices

  • Research grant applications to (SARE) Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education sponsored by University of Vermont included topics:
    • “Companion Planting with Echinacea Species” (2005)
    • “Alternative HoneyBee Nutrition- Beyond Sugar Syrup” (2009/10)
  • Attended courses associated with NYC Green Market sponsored by Cornell Cooperative Extension on Small Scale Farming Practices (2003)
  • Attended “ Basic Beekeeping” course at Rutgers University,  Cook College, New Brunswick NJ (2005)
  • Began practice of beekeeping. (2006)
  • Small scale farm established utilizing principles of “regenerative agriculture,” a practice that restores the local environment by utilizing procedures that are sustainable and organic and encourage healthy soil. (2007)
  • Nursery implemented into farm practice where Linden trees are made available for sale to beekeepers and conscientious environmentalists alike. (2009)
  • Initiated summer sleepover camp program for first time campers (age 6-7)  at Plast Camp, East Chatham NY (1994-present)  26 sessions over 18 years with emphasis on conservation and nature programs.
  • Plast  Ukrainian Scouting Organization: (1963-present)
    • Active Member for approximately 48 years
    • Camp Counselor  (12yrs)
    • Boys Scout Counselor (4yrs)
  • “Spartanky” Ukrainian Sorority Member (29 yrs)
    • Involvements: Environmental Committee/ Recycling practices (2008)
    • Reintroduced summer camp program on Horsemanship (2009/2010)
  • Physically organized and implemented a Library Program at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School in Passaic,  NJ.  (2000)

Ecological and Environmental

  • “Diverse Landscapes of Ukraine: Celebrating 20 Years of Ukrainian Independence” – symposium at Penn State University, College of Agricultural Sciences, University Park, PA (2011)
  • Associate Teacher at the Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission’s Environment Center “Ecology of the Estuary Self Guided School Programs”.  (2000 & 2004)
  • Coordinated  “School Yard Habitat” full program and certifications by the National Wildlife Federation for Tisdale Elementary School in Ramsey NJ (2001) -”Backyard Wildlife Habitat” certification by the NWF attained for 1 acre property in Ramsey NJ and Linden Hill Farm and Apiary in Towaco, NJ( 2002)  This demonstrated sustainable practices such as using native plants, reducing lawn areas, rain gardens, using mulch, composting, reducing erosion with ground covers, terraces, capturing rainwater while providing cover and places for wildlife to raise their young.

Presently pursuing the following joint ventures:

  • Seeking collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation in a nationwide awareness program on the Honeybee and the need for planting nectar producing trees such as the Linden.
  • Seeking means for funding to implement model of an outdoor classroom on the premises of Linden Hill Farm and Apiary where the following concepts can be realized:
  • A stewardship program for beekeepers to experience how the land can be used to provide space for native plants plus other nectar producing sources.
  • A space to provide research on methods of feeding honeybees in the US where outreach would be both hobbyist and commercial beekeepers.
  • An open space used to rectify imbalance between individuals human beings and their personal environments by teaching Nature Principle ideas to reconnect with nature.
  • Teaching balance between technological advancement and environmental preservation.
  • Educational infiltration into the middle/high schools with hands on practical farm/garden work to integrate knowledge about nutrient dense foods vs. processed convenience foods and how this affect our health (in terms of epidemic rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes which are so prevalent in the US.)
  • Farm animal care for elementary school age students.
  • Mentorship sponsoring of Beekeeping for the Future.
  • Plant identification class which teach the benefits of natural alternative therapies and herbals used as alternatives to chemical medicine.
  • Mycology: study of mushrooms
  • Rebuilding of Barn (circa 1870) to be used to house interns and as Resource Educational Facility to display Beekeeping, Renewable energy methods, Farm, Herbal collections of materials for teaching purposes.