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The honeybee provides the human race a multitude of products of the Hive including honey, pollen, beeswax, royal jelly, bee venom and PROPOLIS, the defender of the hive. It is important that the source of honeybee products come from A HEALTHY Hive.

From both the beekeeper and scientist in me perspective, the effects of propolis, an old remedy with proven antiviral properties, was reviewed and suggested as a possible low-cost inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 in the oropharyngeal niche, prophylaxis, or adjuvant therapy in the following research article titled “Back to basics: Propolis and COVID-19”   and  attracted my attention.

The severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus 2 (SARS‐CoV‐2) responsible for coronavirus disease 19 (COVID‐19) is the seventh member of the coronavirus family that infects human beings after SARS coronavirus and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) coronavirus.1 Compared with the abovementioned strains, this novel virus has high transmissibility and infectivity and poses great challenge to prevent viral transmission and infection.2 Human‐to‐human transmission occurs through indirect or direct contact with mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes, or nose.3 The upper respiratory tract mucosa is the first line of defense, not only as a physical barrier but also through multiple innate and adaptive immune mechanisms which are crucial for efficient antiviral responses. (Back to the basics: Propolis and COVID‐19

Propolis is a resinous substance collected by worker honey bees from the growing parts of trees and shrubs (eg., leaf buds, trunk wounds). The bees pack the propolis on their hind legs, and carry it back to their colony, where it is combined with beeswax and used by worker “hive” bees as a sealant and sterilant in the colony nest. The uses take advantage of the antibacterial and antifungal effects of propolis in protecting the colony against disease. Propolis has also been shown to kill Bacillus larvae, the most important bacterial disease of bees (Mlagan and Sulimanovic, 1982).

Since the pandemic is not over yet, my suggestions for patients, friends and family is to support their immune systems DAILY and use this PROPOLIS ELIXIR to strengthen your OVERALL IMMUNE and RESPIRATORY SYSTEMS via this convenient NON CHEMICAL Throat Spray. And it actually TASTES GOOD! Here are the ingredients:

Our PROPOLIS ELIXIR (BALSAM) is made up of the following ingredients:

Propolis and its extracts have numerous applications in treating various diseases due to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antimycotic, antifungal, antiulcer, anticancer, and immunomodulatory properties.Jul 26, 2017

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Calamus root or Sweet Flag. The different parts of this plant, such as the leaves and rhizomes, are used traditionally in different medicinal preparations for the treatment of various ailments including arthritis, neuralgia, diarrhea, dyspepsia, kidney and liver troubles, eczema, sinusitis, asthma, fevers, bronchitis, hair loss, and other disorders.

Elecampane is a soothing herb that has been used to treat coughs associated with bronchitis, asthma, and whooping cough. More. Elecampane is a demulcent (soothing herb) that has been used to treat coughs associated with bronchitis, asthma , and whooping cough.

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Calendula flower is used to prevent muscle spasms, start menstrual periods, and reduce fever. It is also used for treating sore throat and mouth, menstrual cramps, cancer, and stomach and duodenal ulcers. Sep 17, 2019

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It has been claimed that consumption of chamomile tea boosts the immune system and helps fight infections associated with colds.

The potential benefits of chamomile tea, for which there is the most evidence, include: Reducing menstrual pain. …

Treating diabetes and lowering blood sugar. …

Slowing or preventing osteoporosis. …

Reducing inflammation. …

Cancer treatment and prevention. …

Helping with sleep and relaxation. …

Treating cold symptoms

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