Towaco Honey Bee Sanctuary Multi-Medicinal Flower Honey

Posted on August 25th, 2020 & filed in The Healthy Hive FARMACY

Towaco Honey Bee Sanctuary is part of Linden Hill Farm and Apiary located in Towaco NJ.  The Healthy Hive LLC was established in 2013 and was dedicated to establishing a clean, natural and safe environment for pollinators including the Honey Bee.  With conventional beekeeping condoning the use of harsh chemicals, Petrusia, the beekeeper and proprietor of the farm and apiary has participated in research regarding holistic honey bee nutrition during their global decline since 2006.  She believes the medicinal plants growing on her farm contribute to the health and longevity of her honeybees and result in superb, clean and treatment free hive products for health and wellness (=Apitherapy) in the form of honey, propolis, bees wax, pollen and for bee venom therapy (BVT).

Honey bees require carbohydrates (sugars in nectar or honey), amino acids (protein from pollen), lipids (fatty acids, sterols), vitamins, minerals (salts), and water.

Naug (2009) tested the hypothesis that nutritional stress due to habitat loss has played a major role in causing CCD by analyzing the land use data in U.S. He showed a significant correlation between the number of colony loss due to CCD from each state and the state’s ratio of open land relative to its developed land area. Furthermore, Naug showed that these states with the largest areas of open land have significantly higher honey production. It therefore appears that honey plants (especially those in natural, undeveloped areas) might play a major role in honey bee health. In a very recent study, Alaux et al. (2010b) showed that polyfloral diets from mixed pollen enhanced some immune functions compared with monofloral diets, in particular glucose oxidase activity, suggesting that the diversity in floral resources provided bees with better in-hive antiseptic protection. These studies suggest that bees feeding on a single type of pollen are not as healthy as those on a variety of pollens.

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