A Hands-On Kombucha Workshop

Posted on February 20th, 2020 & filed in Nutrition

Hands-On Kombucha Workshop

The Benefits of Fermented Food

A Hands-On Kombucha Workshop

Dr. Petrusia Kotlar DC, will lead a workshop on making kombucha (чайний гриб) at the Carpe Diem Club meeting on Sunday, February 23rd, from 1-3 pm!

Curious to learn more about this probiotic rich and delicious beverage and the benefits to gut health? This workshop will include a hands-on tutorial. The step-by-step class will help you understand the history of the art of fermentation, as well as the health benefits of this living beverage. You will also begin your first brew under her guidance and take home your work-in-progress first ferment! The $5 workshop fee covers supplies including:
• Brewing vessel & scoby, including glass jar for brewing and accessories (a $45 value!)
• Your own piece of the “mother” to take home, allowing you to brew endless kombucha
• Instructions, guidance and a glass of kombucha during the class

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