Grand Opening of the The Healthy Hive FARMACY store!

Posted on November 11th, 2015 & filed in Alternatives to Chemical Medicine, Apitherapy, Food as Medicine, The Healthy Hive FARMACY

Let Food be Your Medicine and your Medicine Be your Food”  is what Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, preached in 431 B.C.  It has been a catagory on my website for years and ahead of its time for I  just recently discovered a new application for this philosophy of life.  The concept of “FARMACY” has been on my mind since I visited an actual new establishment on Main Street in Narrowsburg, NY last month.  Shitake mushrooms were growing on a log, rows of freshly ground nut butters, shelves lined with fresh peach, plum and other fruit and vegetable preserves as well as nettle soup, garlic spreads and honey products.Less known Herbal teas like Burdock, Dandelion, and Sage were available as were non-GMO seeds and fresh vegetables for daily fare.  It was candy to my nutrition eye especially since I was preparing my power point presentation titled, “Wellness and Nutrition as a Means to a Healthy Longevity.”  This place matched my view of health and healing so perfectly!!  My dining room table is stacked a foot deep with all the Nutrition and Diet books I pulled off my bookshelves:  Foods That Heal, Food As Medicine, The Mediterranean Diet The Paleo Diet, The Abs Diet for Women, The Blue Zones Solution, The Orgasmic Diet ( yes this was collecting dust on my shelf!), Back to Eden, Ancient Healing Secrets,  are just a few of the sources I mention in my presentation.

So Food as Medicine and Herbs as Alternatives of Chemical Meds have been two areas of my nutrition practice right up there with searching for a better alternative to feeding honey bees with sugar syrup. Seasonal eating and Ethnonutrition are two additional topics I will intertwine into wellness and longevity.

This brings me back to the THE HEALTHY HIVE FARMACY!  It is a place that I will stock with natural, pure, clean apitherapy, herbal and whole food nutritional products  that will aid my patients, clients and friends in getting alternatives to chemical medicines.  The doors are open.  Let your wellness begin!

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